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Dr. Rhea Mehta, Bio-Toxicologist, Optimal Living Coach and founder of Global Smoothie Day

“Prepare to be supercharged”   ~Jeff Warren

Unlock your potential

Unlock your healthiest potential by participating in a one of a kind mind-body optimization program designed for Changemakers.

Smoothies are the new fast food, except unlike regular fast food, smoothies recharge your body with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, healthy fats and protein.

This daily dose of super-nutrition is enough to kick start your day, leaving you with an abundance of energy and motivation to knock off your to-do’s, move your body, spend time with loved ones, celebrate life, give back to the community, and go to bed with a sense of fulfillment.

How It Works

You’ll hear from me, your accountability partner, first thing in the morning nearly every day in your inbox. I’ll give you a recipe (2 servings over 1-2 days) based on the ingredients you’ve picked up and I’ll send you some nutritional facts and inspiration to feed your curious mind.

How It’s Priced

I’ve priced it at $5.99 because I know the bigger investment for you is in the high-quality ingredients and the change in your lifestyle. I don’t want the price of this 4-week challenge to be a barrier for you.

4-weeks of super-drinks

I’ve designed a proven 4-week smoothie sippin’ formula with recipes designed to OPTIMIZE your body, POWER your mind and MATCH your busy lifestyle.

Why Follow The Changemaker Formula?

More energy!

It’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb. And that stems from how much you chew. Problem is, many of us unconsciously swallow our food, leading to undigested pieces, gas and less absorbed nutrition.

Smoothies overcome this shortcoming in human behavior because they’re pre-blended, or in other words, pre-chewed. The ease indigestion associated with drinking smoothies means more retained energy and if you’re lucky less gas.

Greater productivity and performance!

A study on employee wellness found that those who ate five or more servings of fruit and vegetables at least four times a week were 20% more productive.

A study captured by the British Journal of Health Psychology highlights the 
extent to which eating 
fruits and vegetables is 
associated with greater 
flourishing in daily life.

If you win the morning, you win the day.~Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris

As creatures of habit, we know how hard it is to break our current ways, especially our morning rituals or lack-thereof. By signing up and committing to this 4-week experience, you are giving yourself permission to try something new and to blend things up.

Thanks to Dr. Rhea's counsel, every day I make sure to consume superfoods and I'm also choosing food that is kind to my digestive system. I also undertook a smoothie cleanse with her that left me feeling vibrant and rejuvenated. Dr. Rhea is incredibly knowledgeable about the functioning of the human body. I feel empowered from the counsel she has given me!

Justin BrownCEO & Co-founder, Ideapod

Thanks to Dr. Rhea's extensive knowledge about nutrition and superfoods, my pantry has transformed, as has my physical health. At 45, I feel younger and better than I did at 25. Dr. Rhea's protocols fit perfectly into my hectic schedule, helping me get more done during the day.

Lisa GrafosFounder & CEO, Core40

There is something a little bit magical about Rhea Mehta. Maybe it’s all the superfoods she eats. She radiates good health and is a fountainhead of wisdom about all aspects of deep nutrition and even deeper living. Prepare to be supercharged.

Jeff WarrenAward-winning writer and meditation instructor

It is clear to me that what I'm learning with Rhea's help will become cemented as habits and "ways of being" that will make a lasting impact on my well being. It's pretty rare to get to learn from someone who has such in depth medical and scientific training (both in Eastern and Western philosophies) and who also has so much to offer in the realm of mindfulness, intention-setting, and overall living more joyfully!

Jess RimingtonManaging Director at The Rules and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University Global Projects Center

I am among the few that can claim to having used their kitchen less than 1 day per month for over 7 straight years! Like many young professionals a demanding travel schedule and intensive workload was more than adequate as an excuse for me to avoid the kitchen and a healthy lifestyle but as the years added up so did the exhaustion and the need for change. Rhea, “listened” to my concerns in detail and worked with me to establish some personal goals. Less than 45 days later I was eating 3 meals a day at home, bringing snacks to work and when traveling doing so with super food in my carryon luggage! Most important I was feeling great and excited about the process of learning how to be healthy. Change is good. It’s also amazing to have a kitchen that not only has food in it for the first time in 7 years but a kitchen that has become an epicenter of fuel in my life and continues to blossom into an amazing source of daily motivation. Who knew it was so simple!

Derek BrawleyUS Sales, Prana BioVegan

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Dr. Rhea Mehta, Chief Changemaker

Dr. Rhea Mehta

I’m a Ph.D. Bio-Toxicologist, Optimal Living Coach and Self-Care Activist who’s passionate about creating movements and designing experiences to help changemakers and communities on-board health with ease, commitment, and motivation.

I’m the founder of Global Smoothie Day, the world’s first health empowerment day and the co-founder of Camp Reset, an adult summer camp and digital detox near Toronto, Canada.

As a conqueror of chronic inflammatory disease and proponent for clean living, I believe that both the body and the mind can be used as tools for life optimization and that gaining an awareness of our underlying inefficiencies is instrumental for long-term health and fulfillment.

Dr. Rhea Mehta, Ph.D. 💚 Sign up to receive accessible science, ancient wisdom and community care 💚 www.livingrhea.com

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